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I'm Jaila

I am a firm believer that pictures never fade, nor do the stories that are told inside. A wedding day tells a story of two worlds that beautifully collide. It’s you two, vowing to take on the world. That’s pretty darn symbolic if you ask me. You may not have words to express your love or your wedding day, but you’ll have photographs that tell it all.

My 2-Step Approach To Taking Your Photos:

step 1


After 6+ years of being a photographer, I quickly discovered that investing into my couples is the number one way to build trust. I vow to invest into your life as well as into your wedding day, to care and to love deeply.

step 2

Telling Your Story

This seems so simple, but the best photographs are those that tell YOUR story. This is told through the details of your wedding day; the gentle kiss from your grandma, the elegance in your venue, the color palette you choose because your parents had them at their wedding 30+ years ago or the joy that shines through you . It all tells YOUR story, and I am here to capture it.

I am fully persuaded that I am not just taking your pictures.

I truly believe that I am tapping into the gifts and passions that the Lord put on my heart and for that reason, I don’t take what I do lightly.

I love deep, I listen intently and I vow to be a business owner with integrity and run a business that honors the Lord in everything I do. And for every story I have the honor of capturing, I hold dearly. 

It’s much more than taking pictures:







I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since August 2015 and it's been the best journey I've said yes to!.


We have two adorable and spunky daughters, Haven and Hyland. Motherhood is all things hard and beautiful.

Northern Michigan 

I'm a Mitten State native and there's nothing
like Northern Michigan summers -
Lake Michigan is something dreamy.

Hosting Events

I am 50/50 introvert and extrovert, depending on the day! If hosting family and friend gatherings was a love language then that would be top 5 on my list. 

My Quiet Time

I love my quiet time with the Lord and simply resting to recharge; spirit, soul and body.

a few of my favorite things:

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